GCU's Cyber Center of Excellence

GCU news article from our CyberLopes during Cyber Month.

Another recent GCU News article for Feb 2024.

Lopes CyberCon is a hybrid event that will return in August thru April 2025

Technology Unpugged events TBD

Coding with My Girls (grades 7-12) on Sept 28th (See Discord for Registration)

TechXperience Day @ GCU is TBD

CybHER w/Girls Scouts "Cyber Patch" (grades 5-12) on Oct 19th

The CCE CTF Hackathon Monthly Competition for HS & GCU Students TBD

Upcoming Highlights in our CCE during 2024

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Grand Canyon University

3300 W Camelback Rd

Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Building 57-331

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CompTIA visiting our previous Range